Channelflow 2.0

Virtual probes in the flow field

Hello! There was talk at some time of implementing probes in Channelflow. In CFD, we can output lots of information (entire flow fields) at few times, or little information very often. I would like to have the velocity at certain fixed points (for example along one or more lines) in the domain very often, e.g. at every dT. This could be implemented by specifying a file containing a list of the indices or the coordinates of the points to be sampled. Is this an upcoming possibility or should we write it ourselves? Or is there already some option that does this that I am not aware of?

Dear Laurette.
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: We agree that what you suggest would be very useful. The current version does not have such an option. Implementing the output of selected sections (lines or planes) involves a bit of thinking due to MPI. The cleanest version would possibly imply to clear up the FlowField class: make FlowFields more general (1D,2D,3D) and encapsulate the I/O from the data layout. Then you could write e.g. 1D NetCDF files etc.

We have this on our list of things to implement into Channelflow but I guess we will not manage to publish something within the next 4-6 weeks. Maybe you want to implement this then yourselves? We could also try to collaborate on this via GitHub… ?

Best wishes,