Stratified ECS at high Prandtl number

Hi all,

We have a paper out on arXiv in which some of the computations were done with Channelflow 2.0 modified to support density stratification.

It is mainly about the generic tendency of the density field to homogenise in the channel interior at high Pr (= O(100)) and the corresponding formation of boundary layers and interfaces, but there are some low Pr calculations too.

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Have you checked the validity if the results for large value of Reynolds number (O(10^4 or 10^5))?. Whether the results for such a large are correct or not?


For the most part, high Re behaviour is covered by SSP/VWI-type analyses and we make some of these asymptotic arguments in the paper. There are a few numerical results at high Re (1e5 if I remember correctly) at the end too which may be of interest.