Channelflow 2.0

Citing channelflow

Hi guys,

Do you have any guidelines for citing Channelflow 2.0?



Dear Jake,

thanks for asking. We are in the process of publishing a descriptive paper on the latest version of Channelflow as a reference to cite. Until it is published, please refer to the homepage of Channelflow 2.0:

As soon as the paper is out, we will let you know. Sorry that this is all we can offer for now.
Best wishes from Switzerland,

If you have finalised the author list for the paper, I can put that down alongside the url (?) - would seem the most natural way to do it.

Dear Jake,

Thanks for the question!

If you want to cite Channelflow 2.0 before the article is published:

Gibson et al. (2019):

J. F. Gibson, F. Reetz, S. Azimi, A. Ferraro, T. Kreilos, H. Schrobsdorff, M. Farano, A. F. Yesil, S. S. Schütz, M. Culpo & T. M. Schneider, “Channelflow 2.0”, manuscript in preparation (2019), see

The title of the manuscript is preliminary and will probably change but the author list will remain.